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Like all of the German factory, ifeel products very pay attention to product quality, appearance, details and popular trend. Perfect design make the products with unparalleled quality. Research and development of new design is derived from the responsibility and passion, in order to produce a durable products.

IFEEL Elio faucet is a unique design and function of the perfect integration. Whether it s a steel sink, a granite sink or a ceramic sink, the Elio series leader has always been able to achieve perfect color matching with excellent visual effects.
In addition, the Elio faucet is also equipped with a suction nozzle or a special model that can be installed in front of the window.
Elio series leader has become a best-selling product, mainly in the following aspects.
Elio series faucet highlights:
Compact design
The higher arc-shaped outlet pipe can facilitate water injection for the kettle and vase
The working radius is larger than that of the water outlet pipe (no nozzle design) or suction nozzle which can be rotated at 360 degrees. There are 2 kinds of effluent
  - way to choose from
  Various models, to meet any demand, classic collocation
  - perfect color matching with FEEL granite sinks and ceramic sinks
  Product specification
  Types are not drawn
  Total height 313mm
  The outlet height of 190mm
  Length of water outlet 210mm
  A wide selection of colors - perfect with granite sinks

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